Front Cover of the New Indonesian Text Book

After having taught Indonesian as a foreign language for more than fourteen years without having a textbook suiting the needs of my students I decided to write my own textbook entitled “Let’s  Study Bahasa Indonesia With A New Method – Mari Belajar Bahasa Indonesia” .

(Original copy from the text

“After reading the book “Mari Belajar Bahasa Indonesia” which is composed by Gusrizal, I find that this book can be categorized as a good hand book which meets the requirement of a good book. Some special characteristic of this are as follows. There are systematic in the grading of difficulties in the book. The language used in a simple one, but continues to pay attention to the requirement of a good and correct language. Every lesson is always followed by an exercise which can be used by student to re-examine his or her command of what he or she has learned. All of this of course will facility non-native speakers in learning Indonesian language” 

 @Prof. Dr. J.S. Badudu, Senior lecture of Bahasa Indonesia. 

“My congratulations go to Pak Gusrizal for this third edition of “Mari Belajar Bahasa Indonesia”. Pak Gusrizal continues to demonstrate his commitment to the teaching of Bahasa Indonesia.  I hope the book will help many people to learn Bahasa Indonesia”   Semoga sukses belajar bahasa Indonesia! 

With The Australiaan Ambasador, Head of Dept Education Bukittinggi, Counsellor of Education of  the Australian Embassy and me as the writer

@ Dr. Shannon Smith, Counselor Education Science and Training – Australian Embassy Jakarta

 As this book contains of West Sumatra’s ethnic and culture in teaching the Indonesian language, we hope users will also get knowledge about Minangkabau unique way of life. For instance, in West Sumatra we used matrilineal system which put the position of woman in a very respected place. The female role in the society is called “Bundo Kanduang”. The function of  “Bundo Kanduang” still can be  seen in many activities in the Minangkabau society, their activities on decision making are very important” 

With Governor of West Sumatra
Bapak Gamawan Fauzi, and me

@ H. Gamawan Fauzi, SH, MM, Governor of West Sumatra     

“I am currently studying Bahasa Indonesia in Adelaide, South Australia and would like to purchase a copy the Indonesia text book “Mari Belajar Bahasa Indonesia” This book has been recommended by our teachers at university”. 

@Vicky, Australian Student 

“I highly recommend “Mari Belajar Bahasa Indonesia” as a good way to understand the structure of the Indonesian language.  In a language where form is not obvious, Gusrizal does an excellent job of explaining Bahasa Indonesia in a clear and logical manner.  It is a perfect book for busy people who need to quickly understand the foundational principles of speaking Indonesian” 

@ Stephen Richard Magnuson, Consultant   

“This edition has been significantly revised based on experiences of teachers and students who have used his earlier text book, with the aim of improving its effectiveness as a teaching and learning tool. The new edition will surely be of great benefit to those of us who seek to develop and improve our skill in written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia” 

@Katharine Campbell, Australian Embassy Jakarta 


Books are available at:  

Jakarta – Indonesia

Any Gramedia Bookshops in IndonesiaMatraman Raya   Telp No. : + 62 21 858 1763 Fax No. : + 62 21 850 5426 

West Sumatra – Indonesia

Tourism Information OfficePasar Atas Bukittinggi 


The Language Centre Book ShoopThe Old Post Office 115 Brisbane St. Perth WA 6000



Indonesian Book Shop Pty Ltd72 Maroondah Highway Crydon Vic 3136    



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